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Grout and tile to make you smile!

Custom grout and tile design solutions to save you time and money VS. remodeling.

Why Grout Heroez?

Grout Heroez services

  • Grout repair, custom color grout staining and  sealing, 
  • Redesign of tile layouts and custom touches
  • Full tile installs residential and commercial 


"Wow this looks like a brand new Bathroom. Thank you so much! You guys are amazing"

A Rutledge Richardson, TX 

You guys are pretty good! do you want to be our new tile guys for new construction moving forward? We always seem to have you do our final touches to make the client happy anyway. Custom Home Builder N. Dallas

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10% off labor on tile installs using Hero1. We do tile repair, grout repair or re-designs instead of a full bathroom remodel. One sweet deal!

Not just Grout Heroez

Our goal is to be everyday Heroez in our communities. If you have a charity or non profit you like to work with, or one you know needs help, just let us know how we can help.  

Let us know how we can help


Q: How much a square foot do you charge for a bathroom remodel, or tile repair?

A: We base our fees on expected time and complexity of the design. We consider tile sizes, width of grout lines, Number of tiles and products used. Grout Heroez  design consulting is free.

Q: What warranties do you offer?

A: Satisfaction guaranteed on workmanship for 5 yrs. Our products are designed to last over 10yrs. Foundations must be good.

About Us


No need for a complete remodel!


Get our help to save money by not remodeling, but redesigning accents grout color, or installing custom touches to your kitchen or bath instead. We help Builders, Real Estate professionals and investors get deals closed. Homeowners save on time, money, mess and stress too!


We are here to save the day!

 We are artists and craftsmen with over 20 yrs. experience in grout and tile repair. We demand a very high level of attention to detail from our team. We can provide the creativity to get the look you envisioned within your budget and in a timely manner. Builders remodelers and investors use Grout Heroez. You can too!


Let us be your Heroez!

 We offer free design consultations and quotes. Your satisfaction of our work is guaranteed. For tile repair, grout issues or design options Call Gout Heroez to save the day!