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Our Story

Two long lost brothers come together to form Grout Heroez

Devin the older of two brothers was adopted and and born in February 1970 in Kansas. His grandfather General contractor and father a Police Officer / fence builder who both trained him from an early age on how to use tools and read blueprints etc. By age 19 he was an commercial construction superintendent managing multiple projects. He enjoys the satisfaction of a job well done and sets high standards for quality. He strives to help his communities by giving back to varied associations and organizations over the year. Favorite charities include St. Jude. Children’s Hospital and United Way. 

Jacob the youngest brother born 1977 Also born in Kansas found out he had a brother brother when he was 21. He has spent his adult life in the arts creating one of a kind pieces for fun in his spare time and worked in the construction industry most of his adult life with a focus on kitchen and bath over the last 10 years. His art pieces range from paintings, custom belt buckles, skateboards, jewelry and water features. He treats every job as a masterpiece. Jacob loves interacting face to face with his community. He volunteers at children’s grief centers and hopes to build a team of like minded individuals committed to the same beliefs and desire to make a positive impact in their communities. He has a creative mind and the hands to make your vision a reality.

Luckily Devin was able to reconnect later in life 20 plus years later with his birth mother and long lost brother Jacob he never knew he had. An amazing journey was to begin without even knowing it. Several years passed and in getting to know each other, they discovered that they have so many similarities it was and still is mind boggling to them both. They also found that they have their different strengths and  weaknesses that together they would make a great team and be able to give back more by forming Grout Heroez. They may not have started life together but intend on improving others lives together though building Grout Heroez and getting directly involved.. 



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